The Value of Co-Productions w/ Nicola De Angelis

Listen to our podcast conversation with Nicola De Angelis, CEO of Fabula Pictures, from the 2024 AVP Summit.

In our latest Showcast episode from the 2024 AVP Summit in Reggio Calabria, Italy, we speak with Nicola De Angelis, CEO of Fabula Pictures. We speak about Fabula Pictures, its transition from development company to production company, and some of the content that it has produced and currently working on. De Angelis also reflects on the current landscape of the audiovisual industry and importantly shares his thoughts on the role of co-productions and international co-productions, how they may help nurture both producers and creativity and help projects become successful. (Photo: Erma Pictures/AVP Summit)

Showcast is a series of candid podcast conversations from film festivals and film markets, presented by The Film Verdict and hosted by Matt Micucci.

  • A poster of the 2024 AVP Summit, which took place in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
    Image: AVP Summit

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