From Corporate Manager to Global Disruptor in DEI Strategy w/ Yolonda Brinkley

Listen to our podcast conversation with Yolonda Brinkley, DEI Consultant and creator of “Diversity in Cannes.”

In this engaging episode of Noir 360, we are thrilled to host Yolonda Brinkley, a remarkable individual who has embarked on a transformative journey from being a corporate marketing/PR manager at a Fortune 500 company to becoming a self-proclaimed global disruptor and marketing communication practitioner specializing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy.

Yolonda’s unwavering passion has led her to create “Diversity in Cannes,” an independent global film movement dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. During our conversation with Yolonda, we gain unique insights into the experiences of people of color, who attend one of the world’s oldest and most enduring film festivals and markets.

Yolonda’s perspective on Hollywood’s approach to inclusion is thought-provoking, and we explore the intriguing comparisons between the entertainment industry in the United States and France, particularly within the context of a renowned event like Cannes.

Noir 360 is a series of podcast conversations celebrating international Black filmmaking in all its diversity, hosted by Rashid Bahati.

Featured photo: Diversity in Cannes.

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