70 Years of German Films w/ Simone Baumann

Listen to our podcast conversation with Simone Baumann, managing director of German Films.

In the latest episode of the Showcast, TFV’s Matt Micucci shares a conversation with Simone Baumann, managing director of German Films, Germany’s national information and advisory centre for the promotion of German films worldwide.

This year marks its 70th anniversary, so this conversation will cover the past, present and future of German Films, including some of the celebratory events that are planned throughout the year.

We’ll also be talking about some of German cinema’s most noteworthy film productions and discuss whether this is a golden period of filmmaking in the country. Baumann also shares her thoughts on the perception of German cinema around the world and whether Germany itself is a cinephile country.

Showcast is a series of candid podcast conversations from film festivals and film markets, presented by The Film Verdict and hosted by Matt Micucci.

Photo: Slawomir Grenda

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