Making Music for Silent Film w/ Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne

Listen to our podcast conversation with musicians and composer Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne from the 2023 TIFF Romania.

Matt Micucci from TFV talks with renowned music artists Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne, who hold esteemed positions in the realm of live performances accompanying silent films.

Their collaborative efforts infuse a fresh vitality into Tod Browning’s evocative 1927 masterpiece, The Unknown, which was screened at the esteemed Transilvania International Film Festival in 2023.

This remarkable event sparks a thought-provoking dialogue on the art of composing scores for silent cinema, tailored to resonate with modern audiences, while also revealing intriguing insights into the intricacies of performing at these immersive cinematic experiences.

Featured image courtesy of TIFF Romania

Showcast is a series of candid podcast conversations from film festivals and film markets, presented by The Film Verdict and hosted by Matt Micucci.

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