Portraits of Political Betrayal w/ Cyril Aris and Luka Beradze

Listen to our podcast conversations with directors Cyril Aris and Luka Beradze about the works they presented at the 2023 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

TFV’s Matt Micucci shines a spotlight on two remarkable documentaries presented at the 57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic, sharing conversations with director Cyril Aris about Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano and with Luka Beradze about Smiling Georgia.

Set against the backdrop of the catastrophic explosion that shook the Port of Beirut in 2020, Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano follows a film crew facing an extraordinary dilemma: should they press on with their movie production amidst the ruins or succumb to the overwhelming chaos engulfing their city?

Smiling Georgia transports us to a tranquil Georgian village where the country’s governing party, during their 2012 election campaign, enticed the poorest residents with the promise of new teeth in exchange for their votes. But after their election defeat, the film uncovers a bitter and toothless aftermath, raising questions about the worth of ordinary people in the eyes of self-serving politicians.

Although their specific contexts differ, these films share common themes that resonate deeply, including political promises, socioeconomic disparity, personal stories and critical examination of leadership.

Showcast is a series of candid podcast conversations from film festivals and film markets, presented by The Film Verdict and hosted by Matt Micucci.

Featured image: Salaud Morisset.

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