Calabria, Beautiful Like Cinema w/ Anton Giulio Grande

Listen to our podcast conversation with Anton Giulio Grande, head of the Calabria Film Commission, from the 2024 AVP Summit.

In this latest episode of the Showcast recorded live from the 2024 AVP Summit, TFV’s Matt Micucci speaks with Anton Giulio Grande, a renowned name in the world of high fashion and head of the Calabria Film Commission, the film commission of the Italian region that hosted this year’s edition of this major event.

Grande shares with us the growing prominence and presence of the audiovisual sector in Calabria. He talks about some of the projects that have been shot in this region in recent times and discusses the experience of Calabria hosting this year’s edition of the AVP Summit. He also shares his passion for cinema, how it has been a major source of inspiration in his work and creations in fashion, and shares his thoughts on the state and environment of the audiovisual industry at large today. (Photo: Erma Pictures/AVP Summit)

Showcast is a series of candid podcast conversations from film festivals and film markets, presented by The Film Verdict and hosted by Matt Micucci.

  • A poster of the 2024 AVP Summit, which took place in Reggio Calabria, Italy.
    Image: AVP Summit

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